Why I'm Opening An Online Store

I'm opening a store, ToyRushFun, because I want to help people with finding good quality children's products. On this blog, I will be writing about toy reviews and things like that to help you find the perfect toys for your children. This store is made for everyone, but I think moms will most likely find this store because they usually buy toys for children. Toy Rush Fun will help you with these things and more. I am also opening this store because I love to handcraft small toys and items. I love to crochet and draw, write and craft, read and knit, and much more. I'm hoping to make enough money to rent a small office so that I can personally teach other children to crochet and craft, and so maybe they will want to join and earn money. It would be amazing progress if that were to happen, and the other future staff, likely them being other children, would love to earn money with friends and siblings. I hope that you will read my blog posts and get helped very much by them. Once again, I am going to tell you, there are going to be toy reviews and things to help you find the good and bad toys, the educational and the random toys, and things like that. I create the toys at Toy Rush Fun by hand, carefully, so you may want to try mine as well. Thank you for reading!

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